Launched in 2016, Menifee Judo Club practices traditional Kodokan judo three times per week. The program is an extension of the jiu jitsu school at Carlson Gracie, Menifee, run by Professor Orlando Alonso. In addition to judo-only students, many of our attendees are jiu jitsu practitioners supplementing their martial arts education.

We accept students 10 years old and above, and slightly younger students may be considered by request if they already have a martial arts background.

Sensei Patrick Dooley believes in the total development of students—both as athletes and people. We teach practical, applicable judo in an environment that will help develop strength, cardiovascular output, confidence and leadership.

For anyone interested in judo in Menifee, or who find themselves searching “judo near me,” please come take advantage of our free trial week.